Clunk on acceleration

paanta at paanta at
Sat Aug 31 00:03:32 EDT 2002

I purchased my '88 5ktq a couple months ago, only to find out that the
subframe was bent and the car wouldn't align.  I finally got around to
having it replaced with a used one earlier this week by a local body

Now, under any acceleration, there is a weird repetative (but non-
regular) clunking noise that I can feel through the floor of the car.  It's
especially bad when I go over bumps.  Does this sound like bad
transmission mounts?  It looks to me like they reused the ones that
were on the subframe from force5, and they look a little suspiciously

The mounts have a big bolt that goes through a thick washer up on top,
through the rubber mount, and then through a metal cap and into a nut.
Should the metal cap be concave (ie, the nut in a dip) or convex (the nut
on top of a little hill)?

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