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Ti Kan ti at
Fri Aug 30 22:31:38 EDT 2002

Donald Lamond writes:
> Does anyone have a pitcure of a Euro light or can tell me what to look
> for in the local salvage yards ?

For your 84 4KS, it would look like the ones on my car:

These are the H4/H1 lights that came stock on European market UrQs and
80 quattros from 1983+.  There is also an H4-only version with orange
corner lamps.  These came stock on European market Audi 80s and Coupes.
Here is a pic:

The chances of finding a pair of either of these styles at a salvage
yard is next to nil, though.

Alternatively you can get E-code light modules (non sealed beam, with
replaceable bulbs) that will fit into your existing quad-lamp mounts
and bezels.  That's an economical, if not the most fashionable way to

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