The Big Blacks shimmy

David Head v8q at
Sat Aug 31 02:38:11 EDT 2002

I chased this for 2 months in my old 5000 - it turned out to be a bad end on
the control arm. Didn't find it until I took the suspension apart. Worth a

Igor Kessel wrote:

> Folks,
> this is strange.
> My Big Blacks shimmy under light pedal application ONLY if I am braking
> from above 60 mph. The steering wheel shakes rather violently if braking
> from above 100 mph. No shimmy whatsoever in city traffic in stops from
> 50 mph and below.
> I am utterly puzzled. The brakes have been properly broken in. And no, I
> didn't do any track events lately, just normal city driving. Hell, I
> didn't even warp my G60 in previous years.
> My set-up:
> 928gts + RS2 + S8 (323x30mm, by Zimmermann, slotted) + Mintex Red
> Any ideas?
> --
> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros

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