Alternator belt won't stay tightened . . . .

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sat Aug 31 08:21:59 EDT 2002

Does your car have the "toothed rack" adjuster system or the hard-to-reach
three-bolt tightening system?  If the latter, are you retightening ALL
THREE bolts?  If you have the racked system, you may have a stripped
tightener on the rack bolt.

At 12:04 AM 08/31/2002 -0400, Ice Cat     ^. .^   ~ wrote:

>I am wondering whether anyone has had the problem with an alternator
>belt that just won't stay tightened.
>First it starts to squeak and slip, and then shows not enough juice
>being returned to the battery when I drive.
>Each time my husband tightens it, it stays for less and less time . .
>. ???  Now it will not hold for even the first drive.    We put on a
>new alternator belt which we purchased from the dealership after the
>last one which looked great didn't stay tightened.
>Of course we don't want to over-tighten it and wreck a bearing, but
>is there a trick to tightening it without tightening too much or too
>little ?   Fay
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