thanks! (80 Q doors)

Jim Katz jkatz4125 at
Sat Aug 31 12:01:17 EDT 2002

Well, I finally got around to it.  What an exercise in tactile visualization
(fancy for "eyes in your hands").  yes, you can do it all with the door's
component carrier installed.

Steinbru is right to say "you can never tell where things go," especially on
reassembly.  It took several dry runs, outside the door, to put things back
together in the proper order (Bentley is not much help here.)

The trickiest part was putting the loose "assembly locking lever" (the last
thing removed before the whole lock falls out of the door) back.  This was
one of those "try, try again" deals until it just snicked into place.

The only real hitch was the "e-clamp" that holds all the small pieces on
broke, and I just replaced it with a snap ring (only to find my local
hardware store, O'Connors in Billerica, has metric e-rings.  yay!)

I didn't really use pliers to put the new snap ring on, just a tickle.

The lock cylinder itself was delicate, but all those barely visible springs
were nicely held in place by 12 year old dried grease, so they didn't go
anywhere.  Thanks for the warning, Meg!

Now, on to the permanently locked trunk.  Away with you, Mr. back seat!

Jim Katz

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> >  part off, that should be great.

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