Alternator Update

Sean Shoemaker shoemakersp at
Sat Aug 31 12:31:44 EDT 2002

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Once again thank you to all of you who have helped me out.  I took the rema=
nufacted alternator back to NAPA and had them test it more extensively.  Th=
ey did find it to be faulty.  It is a long story but I have a new one on or=
der and I should have it installed early next week.  My only concern is tha=
t I am still not convinced that it was DOA, although it probably was.  I am=
 still innocent enough that I want to believe that anything new, works prop=
erly.  I am going to ask this question one last time before I put a very ex=
pensive alternator in this car.  Is there anything anyone has heard about s=
omething in the car that could be causing damage to the alternator.  I know=
 I am probably just paroniod, but I have been chasing my tail on this one f=
or way to long.  Since I first installed the rebuild I have cleaned up a wh=
ole lot of the wiring, so it is conceivable that I have already corrected w=
hatever problem may have been there.

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