It's finally alive again!

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Sat Aug 31 19:34:58 EDT 2002

Yeah, the tranny is finally swapped since Thursday night! It took me 3
hours of relaxed work to pull it from underneath on the lift with the
tranny jack and the second day it took me and the garage owner 12 minutes
to have it attached to the engine and held by 2 bolts. And the suspension
is done as well, except for the fact that I've broken a rear ball joint
mounting bolt in the strut housing and that I also broke 2 drill bits
trying to drill it out :-((( So now I'm waiting to have a new rear strut
housing and it'll finally be aligned and hopefully will drive well :-)


PS: does anyone know if there's a way to weld the rear ball joint onto the
strut housing so I don't have to buy a new strut housing? I guess the strut
housing is cast iron whereas the ball joint is steel, anyway the ball joint
is brand new so it could be nice if I could have them welded together until
the ball joint breaks or has some play and I swap the whole strut housing...
Thanks for the ideas!

'85 Coupe quattro - 3B engine with MTM 265 HP chips, Bilstein HD's with
Eibach springs and still stock brakes but hopefully not for too long :-)

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