Please help a baseball player, NAC.

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Am I detecting sour grapes?  Gee whiz!  Don't you care about anything
sacred and holy like the Great Murkin Pastime?

Let's see...  How did I describe the game to an Aussie friend of mine?  Oh
yeah.  You see these 9 guys stand around in a grassy field scratching their
privates in public and spitting tobacco juice while two similarly dressed
fellows play a game of "catch".  Another guy, dressed differently, tries to
break up their little game of catch with a piece of lumber.  The
entertaining part, as I see it, is getting to watch the grass in the field

At 12:28 PM 8/31/02, Michael Riebs / Audi V8 wrote:

> > > Do we STILL need to do this, now with the new contract and all?
> >
> > No Michael. With the new contract MLB players will remain above the
> > level.
>Oh, that's so nice to hear. We just closed on the refinance of our home
>today, and cashed out a good portion for the business, but I was considering
>how, if maybe I moved my family into a 1-room efficiency, sold the house,
>closed the business, and had only second-hand donated clothes, home-schooled
>my kids, and have a steady diet of canned beans I could afford to support 1
>or 2 of them through these tough times.
>I mean, imagine being forced to drive a 2 year old Lexus! I think I'd rather
>kill myself. It would be a little bit of a stretch living like that, but in
>time, I'm sure my kids would come to appreciate the simpler things in life,
>such as making one of the bean cans into a truck, using 4 lids as wheels,
>and replacing our dog with a "pet rock". I mean, those were highly
>fashionable at one time! And expensive! Imagine to be able to get one
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>Grand Rapids, Michigan
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