4kq no start update electrical...help

Tu2Tweng at aol.com Tu2Tweng at aol.com
Sat Aug 31 20:39:47 EDT 2002

I've seemed to arrive at a stabilized no start situation at this point.

here are the current symptoms

12v@ start soleniod constant
12v@ start soleniod crank position-when key is cranked
trip on @ off position
trip blanks when in on/or crank position
trip clock resets to zero when in off position
8.5v at shunt #8 on fuse block  when in on position
12v @ left terminal#22 on fuse block when in on position
12v @ cig lighter constant?( may zero when key is on /crank , didnt check)

when key is turned to crank -no starter, no dash lights , no trip
when key is turned to on- no trip, no dash lights
when key is off-trip resets to zero---but when lights turned to park position
- no park lights, no trip, when park lights turned off again trip resets to

note -I changed out the fusebox this afternoon....and I discovered a slight
meltdown on the H connector terminals near the 58l terminal but on the
outside of receiver(plastic melted , lots of corrosion)
I inspected all connectors terminals and replaced with known good (fuse panel)
but i don't think this had an effect on my present circumstances.

any Ideas would be appreciated here...  TIA

,<<hi new to list....

symptoms.....car dies at cruising speed

turn key - cranks -nostart
then - crank- starts...try to engage 1st. car dies
then turn key - no crank-no dash lights - trip on -trip blanks out in
IS/start position
trip returns returns when in IS off/on position- but still no lights , TS,
Horn, flasher , etc.
then do side of road batt lead check- make sure all is tight
still dead....tow car home

next day( today)

trip on , 12v to IS red lead, 12v to cig lighter---no12v to anything else
including parking lights....trip blanks in IS start position

then check fuses -all good
then switch out IS with known good---still unchanged
switch out batt neg with new
switch out motor to ground with new
replace starter soleniod terminal wire ends with new

now heres the status ....12v at batt......no power any where else including

none to IS red lead
none to cig lighter
all fuses good and wire connections tight and free of corrosion

only thing I havent checked is bottom fuse box connections and relay equipment

any suggestions before I tow this to a shop

thanks brian
85 4kq
210k mi>>

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