euro T44 climate control, conversion?

auditude at auditude at
Sat Aug 31 23:58:40 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I just read an old post that said that only the U.S. got the GM-based climate control systems.  It says the
european models got a manual system.  Is this true?

Has anyone gotten the euro parts to convert over to the manual system?

The a/c in my commuter Saturn just leaked out of the compressor, so it's one edge it had over the running
Audi's in the fleet just went away.  I'm researching the climate control issue with my 5kcstq.  At least one
problem it has is the heater valve likes to open when I'm trying to get cold air.  I don't know what else is
wrong, but that heater valve is likely to get disconnected and ziptied (and the vacuum line plugged) until I
figure it all out.



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