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Robin Morrison koss973 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 1 01:11:52 EST 2002

Hey all Im a proud owner of a 1986 coupe gt that I
purcshed in august and ran trouble free for about two
The it started giving me all sorts of trouble like
when i came back from the store it would not start and
me and my dad determened that it was just a broken
wire that came about from a broken engine mount then
after we got it to start again it would not run right
every time I would accelerat hard the car would cut
out and then it would run again but only in first and
second the other gears were fine except when I was
vrusing down the highway the car would just cut out
for a fraction of a second just enough for me to
notice it.
So me and my dad determined that it would surge in 1st
and 2nd because the motor was moving too much and it
would make some wire in the hallifax(spelling?) switch
in the distributer was losing contact and causing the
car to lose igniton.
Well that was the past and it never fully fixed the
car, it would still do the surge thing crusing down
the highway but not as bad. So just recenlly we
replaced the clutch because it was slipping bad style
and when we got done with that procedure the car would
not start again. So just today we got the car running
by replacing the o2 sensor and replacing the throttle
position sensor the car still would not ajust the fuel
mixture correctley.
So we pulled the glove box intending to check all the
connections on the computer but when we got the
computer out it was full of water! not just a little
bit of water but the box was half full and it had
correded all the connectors and and had rotted the
silicone! Has anyone else had the problem of getting
water in there computer box?if so where does the water
come from? Do u think this water-in-the-box is the
source of all my woes? What is the going rate of a
used computer from a wreking yard? thanx for all your imput!

86' Coupe GT
Pacific City Or

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