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Tom Nas tnas at
Sun Dec 1 10:14:36 EST 2002

Hi all,

Another swapmeet, another update...

Minichamps have their '61 DKW Junior De Luxe out. It's an excellent model
finished in two-tone paint, mine's maroon with an ivory roof. Finish is as
usually incredible, with even the piping along the seats picked out. In a
1:43 model!
Also, after the Auto Union 1000Sp coupe we now get a nice roadster, top
down, in red. Looks very convincing, not an incorrect detail anywhere.
The series of Audi 60s, which started with a bright red sedan and a grey
Variant has now grown, I noticed a nice green sedan and a maroon Variant.
Much nicer, more period colours than the bright red (although it's an
original colour I've never seen a 60 wearing it).
After the NSUs these are very good additions to the collection if you want
to add some older cars to your 'stable'. Let's hope that Minichamps will
keep up the good work- there are quite a few '70s and '80s Audis not yet
available as a scale model.
More Minichamps: they've released their fourth and fifth Urq rally car, I
got Roehrl's '84 Monte A2. What can I say? Not a fault in sight (though
they would do well to imitate Troféu's antenna, which is more to scale than
the M/champs). Also found the Abt TT-r test car in matt black, very cool.
If you only want one TT-r scale model, this is the one to get. It looks
incredibly menacing in a stealth plane way.

The Maisto 1:18 Rosemeyer is selling well, everyone seems to like its
shape. Which is a nice idea for Audi when they're indeed going to release
their rumoured Lambo-powered RSR sports car. More Maisto: after the 1:43
and 1:24, they've now released their 1:18 TT roadster as a kit. It comes
pre-painted and complete with a screwdriver which is all you need to
assemble it. There are two sets of wheels to choose from. A nice gift.

Welly, formerly known for their pull-back toys, have discovered serious
scale models and have released a first-generation A4 in 1:25. An excellent
model for the $9 I paid with the correct wheels and nice detail. I could've
done without the chromed engine, but it's the first A4 in this scale so I'm
pretty happy. This would be a nice model if you wanted to do some detailing
or make a model of your own car.
They've also released a nice A2 in the same scale (no, not the rally car
but the compact MPV-like hatch) and it's quite nice also.

Revell have introduced a really cool version of their NSU TTS in 1:18, a
racing car with fat wheels, oil cooler etc. Many NSU fans will be
overjoyed, and I'm very tempted.

A wish of mine has been granted- I've got a good model of the facelift type
82/B1 Audi 80 (late Fox). AAM-Boyer have released a handcrafted limited
edition model in 1:43 with excellent detail, of both the GLS and the GTE.
Original paint colours and nice interior detail, very charming models
though not exactly cheap. See for more info.

Found a couple of new old stock items, among which a model of the '98 R8C.
You hardly see any of the coupes in model form, so this is a nice addition
to the collection. It looks radically different from the R8R, makes for a
nice display.

Still no sign of the 1:18 Urq...


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