source for Bosch connector, p/n 037 906 240

Fred Munro munrof at
Sun Dec 1 08:14:20 EST 2002

The Audi dealers have a kit with all the metal connectors (crimped to wires)
in it. You take in your old connector (or a part number) and the parts guy
sorts through the box until he finds the connector that matches. You buy a
piece of wire with a connector crimped to each end.

To get the connectors out of the insulated housing, you can buy a HAZET
system release tool kit from Zelenda Tools which contains all the special
tools required to release every connector in the car. However, if you don't
have $450 to spare, you can use jewellers screwdrivers as instructed by
Kneale. That's what I do as well, but it takes time to figure out where the
tabs are and sometimes mangles the plastic housing a bit by the time you get
the connector out.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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>Does anyone know of a good source for the plastic connector, p/n 037 906
>240 and the little
>metal terminal ends if they do not come with it?

Except for scrap supplies, this probably is a dealer-only item.  When I've
ordered plastic connectors from a dealer in the past, the metal terminals
were separate items (for which I've never found a parts number).   I think
someone reported a while back that Audi had quit supplying the bare metal
terminals and now offered only terminals already crimped to a length of
wire.  I have no BTDT to support that report.  Sure would be nice to be
able to purchase a supply of all the different types of connectors and
metal terminals without having to rely on salvage pieces that already had
been subjected to ten years of heat cycling/corrosion exposures.

RE removing the metal terminals from the plastic connectors:  Most are held
in place by protruding wings that grip the connectors.  If you can see the
wings and press them against the terminal with a fine-pointed screwdriver,
you may be able to extract them.  I've also cut the connector material off
with a dremel-type tool.

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