Sport Quattro hood price!!!

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Sun Dec 1 14:48:45 EST 2002

Brady Moffatt wrote:

>Audi hand-built about 200 of them
>in the early 80's.
Actually, it was Baur who made them. Baur is more famous for the
semi-convertible BMW 3-series, which had a soft rear end, a hard targa
style roof and chromed window frames. They were the official 3-series
cabrio until BMW launched their own full cabrio E30 in 1986.

216 Sqs were made, 167 were sold to the general public, while 50 cars
were modified for racing. 20 of these were made into S1s. The production
spanned from mid-84 to early 86. The quattro special issue of Audi
driver from about 18 months ago had a very nice write-up on the Sq and
even a list of where most of the cars were sold to, what color they were
painted etc. IIRC, one or two cars were even sold to Venezuela!

87 Cq

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