nice car for sale in ontario

luke maytagasm at
Sun Dec 1 12:12:12 EST 2002

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i was just looking at ontarios best resource for used cars wh=
en i came accross an
87? i think it was 87, coupe gt special edition. its black 5 speed... owner=
 says its one of 80 made in black and the rarest audi ever... i can think o=
f a few rarer (ie avus :), and when was the last time you saw an original t=
t(nsu)?) maybe he means it had the smallest production numbers...
anyways... it has a german plate still on it, and ive never seen a limited =
or special edition here in canada. i doubt if they made such limited number=
s they would have shipped them over here.
it says in need of tlc with 150 000km for $2000. i would have grabbed it if=
 i had more money at the moment... but id love to see a hardcore audi fan g=
et it and maybe restore it to a show car...
go on and search for audis under $5000 or something simil=
ar... its self explanitory...
and no i dont know whos selling it... just wish i had more cash :)


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