What was the price of the V8 in 1990?

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Sun Dec 1 13:36:13 EST 2002

Zsolt <zsolt1 at telusplanet.net> writes:
> Just wondering...
> I thought I remembered around $80G CAN.
> Thanks,
>    Zsolt

Original list was somewhere in the 67k U$ range.  Actual price most sold
around, with an Audi incentive,  was between U$52,000.00 - U$58,000.00 in
the US.  Quite a bit of money when you consider those were 1989 dollars.
This is for the 1990 model year (sold as early as 02/89 in the USA), I
think the price held pretty steady through it's production run.


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