Experience DNL Auto NY?

Andrew Micali amicali at si.rr.com
Sun Dec 1 14:34:58 EST 2002

Hi Dennis

I recently purchased a vehicle from Steve at DNL...
Was a smooth transaction, vehicle was actually much better than
described. He is located about 50 miles north of NYC.
Maybe a lister from Westchester County could take a look for you, the
S-6 or the 100Q?
BTW, Steve is a Quattro pilot, sold his S-4 the week after I bought the
truck, said it was too small...the S-6 might have been his personal ride
after that.

Andrew Micali
Staten Island, NY

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Is anyone familiar with DNL Automotive in Hopewell Junction, New York?
Anyone near there to check out a car for sale?

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