wet ecu 86 cgt

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sun Dec 1 15:46:00 EST 2002

> Hey all Im a proud owner of a 1986 coupe gt that I
> purcshed in august and ran trouble free for about two
> months.

> So we pulled the glove box intending to check all the
> connections on the computer but when we got the
> computer out it was full of water! not just a little
> bit of water but the box was half full and it had
> correded all the connectors and and had rotted the
> silicone! Has anyone else had the problem of getting
> water in there computer box?if so where does the water
> come from? Do u think this water-in-the-box is the
> source of all my woes? What is the going rate of a
> used computer from a wreking yard? thanx for all your imput!

This does happen more often than it should... culprits could include
leaking windsheild seals, clogged sunroof drain, that sort of thing.

Not sure what they sell for but they shouldn't be too bad.  Try Chris at
Force Five... contact info on vendor list on audifans.com

Huw Powell



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