'82 coupe questions

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sun Dec 1 16:08:17 EST 2002

> rear hatch struts:  how do you remove the bloody rusty things?

There are tiny little stainless steel locking clip things snapped into
each of the "ball" mounts, on each end of the struts.

Find them, they will sort of "unhinge" out from the ball, then you can
pull the straight part that locks the ball in place out.  Try not to
lose them.

> ignition timing:  how the hell do you see in the top of the transmission to
> see the timing mark?

push wires and hoses out of the way?  I usually set up on the side of
the car, kinda behind the coolant expansion tank, and keep dodging
around until both the timing light and my eyes have a straight shot at
the window in the housing.

Huw Powell



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