source for Bosch connector, p/n 037 906 240

Huw Powell human747 at
Sun Dec 1 16:22:48 EST 2002

> Does anyone know of a good source for the plastic connector, p/n 037 906 240 and the little
> metal terminal ends if they do not come with it?  I believe this to be the popular two-pin
> rectangular connector found throughout the engine compartments of Audi's like my '86
> Coupe GT.
> In particular, the connector I would like to replace is the one at the back of the head, which
> seems to be for a temperature sensor of some sort.

(That one is the thermo time switch for the cold start valve, I think.)

> The connector is the same type as is
> found on the cold start valve and many other items.  I think it may be the same as is used for
> efi fuel injectors.

I've seen a lot of replies, but I think most of them sound more like
they apply to the larger terminals like under the fusebox, etc.

Those nifty little snap-locking things, uh... where was I?

Let's see - one, they are usually color-coded - you will notice that,
for instance, the cold start injector is blue, and so is it's
connector.  Handy thing.  The later ones (86-87 or so onwards) are
better, they are easier to remove, and better sealed against water,
etc.  You can tell them by the "spring release" wire, as opposed to the
one you have to remove with a pick and then lose.

If you do get a junkyard one, a nice soldered and shrinkwrapped splice
(or whatever your favorite splice method is...) in the wires should be
good enough.

> A local source here in AZ would be cool, as well as a cheap one.  I think TPC has them

that would be cool.  I wonder what colors they have?

> Also, does anyone know the trick to removing the terminals from the current connector
> without damaging them?  I could maybe salvage it if I could disassemble it.

I've never tried to remove the wires/terminals from one of those type
connectors, for some reason I think it looks difficult.  I'll look again
before I send this mail, though...

Yah, people's advice is correct, they are little (0.10"?) female
terminals with locking clips on them.  Remove the wires and terminals by
inserting a tiny, strong, flat bit of steel in from the "connect" end
(th eopen end of the connector) and wiggling around while gently pulling
on the wire.  You'll get the knack once you've done a few.

Huw Powell

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