Cracked Alloy Wheel

Sun Dec 1 16:25:52 EST 2002

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Never actually tried this, so it is just a thought. I have had a lot of
experience lately with the new metal bonding agents (I am putting new wheel
arches on my '67 Dodge). I wonder about grinding out the crack slightly and
filling it with the 3M product or Fusor. Unfortunately, the basic kit is
about $50.00, a lot for a small application. A P.S., others may have noticed
that it is not recommended for "structural" uses. As I understand it, this is
because in some cases it is stronger than a weld. In many cases impact
absorption is dependent on spot welds giving individually. That would not be
the case in a bonded assembly. Examples of manufacturers uses are door skins
and minivan roof panels.
Tom Faust

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