Sick 88 80Q

Perry, Christoper (EDS) chris.perry at
Sun Dec 1 14:51:22 EST 2002

I had the same symptoms in my 86 4K and it turned out to be a small filter
inside the bolt that secures the fuel line to the fuel metering head.  It is
a hollow bolt that goes through a "banjo" fitting on the drivers side of the
metering head.

Apparently these were installed at the factory to catch debris from the
assembly process and were to be removed by the dealership at the first
service interval.  If your car was not serviced by the dealership or they
just did not do it you may still have one.  My 89 90q still had one at 150K
miles ( I removed it ).

On my 86 4K it would "stutter" under full throttle but if you had a light
foot it would be OK.  Basically it was so dirty the engine would starve for
fuel in high load situations.

Chris Perry
89 90q

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Sounds like you have the same problem I do. NG engine, right?

Check/change the oxy sensor and if that doesn't work, it might be the air
plate potentiometer. I hope for you that it's the former...

Still haven't dug into mine, I've been rather busy lately but now that my
daily ride is starting to show its neglect, I might have no alternative.



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