re. Sick 88 80Q

Ben Swann bswann at
Sun Dec 1 22:50:18 EST 2002

Glad to hear I was on ther right track suggesting ignition, though I
suggested the coil.  Yes wires have plgued me numerous time.  Of course I
went down other paths in my trouble shooting befor simply changing out

I often seem to troubleshoot the hard way first.  Of course that is like
saying after looking for something, that it was found in the last place you


[I was recently plagued with a similar problem in my 5ktq.  I noticed this
soon after I had chipped the car (thanks Ben ]   )... Most noticeably in
3rd- 5th gear (although present in 1st and second), the car would severely
hesitate under high load/rpm/boost.  I replaced/serviced items similar to
what you mentioned: fuel filter, injectors, cap, rotor, temp sender, etc.
Upon close inspection, I could see that one of my sparkplug wires was
arcing.. who knows how many I couldn't see.  Anyhow, and new set of plug
wires and the car is running like a dream.  Good luck.]

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