source for Bosch connector, p/n 037 906 240

Richard Beels dare2dream at
Mon Dec 2 01:15:55 EST 2002

If this is the regular "squeeze the little metal bar and then wiggle the
connector off" type of connector, I'll send you one in the mail.  I went to
the U-Pull-It on Wednesday and found a pair of 90s and got some stuff
before the wife and I went to TGviving at her parents.  Went back on
Saturday to get a pair of lefthand doors and fenders and they crushed both
of them on Friday....  ARGH!

Anyways, I spent the rest of the afternoon stripping stuff out of a pair of
100s and grabbed a few engine connectors.  Are the little metal tabs you're
speaking of the connectors _in_ the connector?  If so, I presume a
connector with a few inches of wire will suffice?

If you have a Family Album: Cou, 86, MG9, SG71, Illus148-00, part #4 is
where I found it.  Don't know what a 357 972 741 A is since I hate the
app's interface and don't know if/how to search on part numbers.

At 11/30/2002 at 19:16, Shakespearean monkeys danced on auditude at's
keyboard and said:
>Does anyone know of a good source for the plastic connector, p/n 037 906
>240 and the little
>metal terminal ends if they do not come with it?  I believe this to be the
>popular two-pin
>rectangular connector found throughout the engine compartments of Audi's
>like my '86
>Coupe GT.
>In particular, the connector I would like to replace is the one at the
>back of the head, which
>seems to be for a temperature sensor of some sort.  The connector is the
>same type as is
>found on the cold start valve and many other items.  I think it may be the
>same as is used for
>efi fuel injectors.
>A local source here in AZ would be cool, as well as a cheap one.  I think
>TPC has them,
>which I will default to if I can't find any in a walk-in store, or come up
>with my own solution.
>Also, does anyone know the trick to removing the terminals from the
>current connector
>without damaging them?  I could maybe salvage it if I could disassemble it.

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