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Lee Levitt lee at
Mon Dec 2 07:22:52 EST 2002

"David Torrey" <RNE905 at> writes:

> I had a front tire that was losing air.  Finally,  found a crack in the
> alloy wheel of my '93 100CSQ Avant.  I assume that this can't be repaired.
> Anyone have a source for a replacement?  I am going to try a few salvage
> yards on Monday.
> Very puzzling.  Tire is fine and there is no apparent damage to the wheel.
> Anyone else experience this wheel failure?

Yep. I cracked an S4 16x8 forged wheel...but I knew when I did it. Hit a
transition in a roadway where the city of Cambridge was doing some roadwork.
No warning a 2" change in elevation on a 40 mph roadway, cracked the one
wheel and bent two others. Did they offer to pay for the damage? Nope. Huge

My wheel shop would not repair this wheel, indicating that if they did it
would be likely to crack in the same place again.

So I've got this lovely forged wheel with a crack in it rolling around in my
garage. I can't bear to pitch it, but it's useless as a wheel. Maybe a

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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