VW Wheelbearing tool on 4kq?

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Mon Dec 2 14:48:07 EST 2002

If this tool works on a Quantum, it will work on a 4k. The ones who
rents it out should know, but still, I double checked with a couple of
Haynes manuals. I lookd in the 4k manual and Rabbit manual, and tey use
the same picture for the hub/inner race pics, and they look like VAG
photos, so I'm guessing it should work. Btw, the tool pictured is a
two-arm puller which is VW's tool #431

87 Cq

R Mangas wrote:

>   Can anyone confirm or deny that the standard VW wheel bearing tool will
> work on the front and/or rear of a 4kq?  I can rent the VW version
> locally
> for cheap, but I'd have to buy the Audi version (over $300!).
>  TIA,
> Robert
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