VW Wheelbearing tool on 4kq?

R Mangas porter_dog at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 2 09:05:49 EST 2002

  Excellent point about the quantum, thanks!

  The puller I'm talking about is by Schley though, and has no arms.  It's a
big threaded rod with a selection of cups and plates which allow you to pull
the cartridge bearings without removing the upright from the car and then
install the new ones the same way.  Is this what you're talking about?


>From: Per Lindgren <lindgre at online.no>
>To: R Mangas <porter_dog at hotmail.com>
>CC: quattro at audifans.com
>Subject: Re: VW Wheelbearing tool on 4kq?
>Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 14:48:07 +0100
>If this tool works on a Quantum, it will work on a 4k. The ones who rents
>it out should know, but still, I double checked with a couple of Haynes
>manuals. I lookd in the 4k manual and Rabbit manual, and tey use the same
>picture for the hub/inner race pics, and they look like VAG photos, so I'm
>guessing it should work. Btw, the tool pictured is a two-arm puller which
>is VW's tool #431
>87 Cq
>R Mangas wrote:
>>   Can anyone confirm or deny that the standard VW wheel bearing tool will
>>work on the front and/or rear of a 4kq?  I can rent the VW version locally
>>for cheap, but I'd have to buy the Audi version (over $300!).
>>  TIA,
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