Bad luck and crappy Audi factory jack

John Larson j.d.larson at
Mon Dec 2 08:20:11 EST 2002

Finding and fixing a problem alongside the highway in the middle of nowhere,
at night, in inclement weather, and with minimal tools, isn't all that cost
effective when compared to the cost of annual membership, even when you're
23.  BTDT, waaaayyyy too many times ................  John
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> Good point...
> But at 23 I can't justify paying a yearly fee for things I could easily
> myself.  And with my network of rally/drag and other race enthusiasts...a
> is usually just a case a beer away.
> Unlike CAA (our AAA equiv.) my friends usually share the beer with me
> ;-)
> -Dave
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> Quoting John Larson <j.d.larson at>:
> > the REAL answer
> > to this problem.  I carry my roadside service kit in my wallet.  Have a
> > mechanical problem?  Run out of gas? Gotta flat?  Dial the toll free
> > on the AAA card, wait a little while, and the answer to your problem
> > up in his tow truck.  And, at least in California, AAA offices are like
> > DMVs

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