Huw done it. Wrecked strut

Suffolk GameServer LAN at
Mon Dec 2 12:32:28 EST 2002

Huw:  Your lucky that failure didn't get you or the car really hurt.
My brother had either the Cv or something fail while at speed on the
He said getting out of harms way was scary. He 86 4Kq  - daily driver.

FWIW story:  I took my 400K+ 87 4Kq for a test run (once a year eh?) and the
wheel turned while the car tracked straight ahead at 25MPH.
Seems I had swapped out A frames & bushings 13 months earlier and left the
lower bolts finger tight to have the alignment guy set and then torque them
to 48 Ft lbs.  Well the rears were shot so the alignment was never done and
the front A frame bolts never tightened. OOOPS.
-Scott in BOSTON

Cool :)

Huw Powell

pix of wrecked strut, #'s 11-14 at url below:

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