Ohm reading for fuel pressure regulator Was new member

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Mon Dec 2 13:02:35 EST 2002

Decimal point place.  The numbers/ readings are what's important. Not so
much the decimal point (in this test specifically)
 I did mine from memory.
If I twisted the Ohm knob on the meter farther, the decimal points would
have said 15.0 - 20.0 etc... instead I got 150 - 200 readings.
If the number is way high, continues to change or climb, or blinks (like
infintiy/ open circuit) that's your answer.

I took old one's out of a salvage lots inventory (now Greenleaf) and tested
them at the counter.
First one, value (number kept climbing higher) I set aside and later
Second one blinked.....open circuit, infinitity.....bad
Third one worked, ohm meter had a steady constant value (number) so I paid
$~40 for the whole fuel distributor and the little two screw gizmo I wanted.
HTH - Scott in BOSTON  Depending on how far the meter setting is 200 can be
the same value as 20.0, just in a different Ohm division setting.

Take the Ohm meter two leads (+) and hold to one of the two connector pins
under the rubber boot on the screw thingy, and the (-) Ohm meter lead to the
other connector pins (terminal)......record your value.

1/100 Ohm Vs. 1/1000 Ohm vs 1/10,000 Ohm etc...............

Time out! I had like 3 people here tell me that DPR ohm reading should be
something like 17-20. I tested it and it came to 18.6 ohm. Whats this about
150-200?! I know exactly about the part you are talking about... I dont
think my manual mentions ohm readings. I will go back and look again...


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