I got the header back today

luke maytagasm at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 2 13:22:26 EST 2002

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>Thanks!  I may get it coated, but it's going to do
>some hard work kicking some Honda ass when that's

what about the coating javad used on his intake manifold?
great story... my friend got to borrow an a6 2.7t... he pulled up to a light and a honda civic zc was revving his engine... by the time the a6 shifted into second there was about 100m between them :)
ive only got a chance to race one car on my soon to be back on the road 90tq and that was a z24... what a joke :) ive never seen anyone racing get so mad when they lose (knew the guy who owns it)...
was going on and on about how he was going to beat me... now he brags he almost kept up to me...(not quite)

90tq(back on the road in 2 days?!??!?!)

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