Cracked Alloy Wheel

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Mon Dec 2 14:08:56 EST 2002


I had the exact same thing happen to me.  The tire would slowly lose pressure.
A crack on the inside of the rim was the reason.  I bought the car in this condition
so I guess the PO is to blame.  I bet he gave the car to monkey lads who have
the habit of hitting the rim with a hammer if it sticks to the hub.  That would
do it.

There is a company in Montreal called P-Jacques which specializes in repairing
alloy rims.  They are expensive though, I was quoted Can$250 for getting my rim
fixed.  You might be better off buying a set of used rims from a wrecking yard.
Good luck!

91 V8Q 5-sp
88 90Q

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> I had a front tire that was losing air.  Finally,  found a crack in the
> alloy wheel of my '93 100CSQ Avant.  I assume that this can't be repaired.
> Anyone have a source for a replacement?  I am going to try a few salvage
> yards on Monday.
> Very puzzling.  Tire is fine and there is no apparent damage to the wheel.
> Anyone else experience this wheel failure?
> Regards
> David

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