Marketplace Fraud

Ben Swann bswann at
Mon Dec 2 14:33:24 EST 2002

  I am in the exact same situation. I am still waiting on a downpipe that I
ordered in September from Allan. I did a little research and found his
phone number after he never replied to my mail. He said his wife threw out
the mail or something so he didn't have my address. He told me the downpipe
would be on its way. It still has not arrived (2 weeks later). I think I'll
call him today again. I am a college student and have an '86 5ktq. This
combination makes for a major lack of $$.
  I also sent out $90 for a Forge BPV to Justin Olson at the same time.  I
couldn't get a hold of him for a while either, but when I finally did he
said he moved out of his parents house between the time I sent the money
and when it got there. It had been sitting at his parents house! So then he
said he would send it back...I guess he got rid of the BPV or something.
It's a money order made out to him, so I don't know what good it will do
me. That still has not come back to me either (been about 3 weeks). The
marketplace is a great place to get used stuff, but it would be nice if we
could somehow rate the sellers or ban them after they rip someone off. Let
me know how your ordeal goes. I hope you have better luck than me. Oh yeah,
if you need Allan's phone or email let me know. He gave me a different one
than the one you listed.
Jason Snider
'86 5ktq]


He also told me that he lost my email/address.  I have tried repetitively
to contact him, after I resent him my address to which he responded that
I'd have a tracking number by the end of the day.  No tracking number was

I'll take that phone number..Thanks.

I think this guy is scamming us, otherwise he's damn lazy, and shouldn't be
putting things up on marketplace if he can't be responsible enough to
follow through after cashing our checks.

I hope you don't mind me copying the audifans list.



The following person advertised stuff on the Audifans Marketplace Item
#2299 and has not sent the merchandise for which he received payment back
in September:

Allan Vega
30 Vail St
Waterbury CT 06708

with email address:  'i990v8q at' and oher alias's: quattr032v at
& allanvega at

Perhaps some other lister knows of this fellow, and can help with making
him follow through with his obligations. at least may this serve as a
warning to others.

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