Sick 88 80Q

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Mon Dec 2 14:56:21 EST 2002

first off, thanks to everyone that replied.

my friend got a new knock sensor, and it didn't help, we checked the ignition wires for arcing, and we couldn't see any, we swapped in some other wires, didn't help, swapped in a new coil, no change.

Ti Kan suggested checking to see if it was getting power, we checked the fuses, and everything appears to be ok there, how else could we check for power to the unit?

thanks again!


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	At 14:51 1-12-02 -0800, Perry, Christoper (EDS) wrote:
	>I had the same symptoms in my 86 4K and it turned out to be a small filter
	>inside the bolt that secures the fuel line to the fuel metering head.  It is
	>a hollow bolt that goes through a "banjo" fitting on the drivers side of the
	>metering head.

	Could be, I've ruled it out on my car (long gone, apparently) but it would
	be easy to check.

	Regards, Tom

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