idles fine, full acceleration seems great, but in between lots of ignition cutting out - '88 90 4 cyl

Duncan Thomson duncan at
Tue Dec 3 12:01:30 EST 2002


No real knowledge here, but thought I'd try to fill in until someone
knowledgeable comes back online...!
Maybe related to the O2 sensor...?
The ISV will keep it smooth at idle, and I believe the system ignores
the 02 sensor (goes open loop) at full throttle, so maybe this would
result in the symptoms you mention...?

Just a thought, and if nothing else it might bring some attention back
to your post...!


> I just read Stacy Anable's post - Sick 88  80q.
> I have an 1988 '90 4 cylinder.  I think a similar thing just started
> happen with my car on Friday night. I came home in messy weather: wet
> and around freezing temp.
> The symptoms were similar to wet ignition wires - under load the
> begins to falter badly - with the exception being that if the gas
pedal is
> pinned to the floor, there was no missing or stuttering.  Everything
> the hood was bone dry, even the rotor and cap.   I also thought
> gasline anti-freeze might help - but it did not.  (although with the
> appearing to work properly under full acceleration, fuel troubles seem
> improbable anyways)
> Any thoughts?   How about the anti-knock sensor? - I am not familiar
> its operation.  How do you test it?
> Len Lubbers
> '88 90 4 cyl, 2wd
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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