Coupe Front Struts

Huw Powell human747 at
Mon Dec 2 19:32:54 EST 2002

>     Can anyone check a part number for me?  I have a pair of Bilstein
> struts sitting on my shelf and I've forgotten which end of the car
> they're for.  Bilstein part number F4-P30-3005-HO.  They should be a
> pair of front or rear struts for a 1990-1991 Coupe Quattro.

I went to to dig up info on the one I need and they listed
part numbers for my application, so you could probably confirm it
there.  Also at, I think.

And when I called Klaus at Atlantic (603 332 9552) and gave him the part
number I needed, he came up with the appilcation pretty fast, so that
will work if you don't figure it out any other way.

Huw Powell

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