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Bennie Walker benniewalker69 at
Mon Dec 2 18:51:04 EST 2002

Hi all - can't wait to get hands dirty rebuilding a 1990 Audi 90 (non Q - sorry, could not locate
one).  I have a couple of questions to get started.  Guages - I have an oil temp guage and an oil
pressure guage in my car - the oil temp rarely moves above 160 degree mark but the oil pressure
has really got me bumfuzzled.  There is no way of knowing how much oil pressure I have - it guages
from 1 to 5 ?!?!?!  What is this?  Does it have a PSI meaning?  Mine pretty much stays put at
maximum pressure until after a few miles and only usually while waiting at a stoplight does it
move into the 3-5 range.  Is this normal?  Will the collapse of the oil breather tube cause the
pressure to increase?  I did not notice this until I Slick 50ed the engine.  Now it seems the oil
pressure is ?too high? - is it possible?

OK - well I have tons of questions but need to refrain for a first post.  I am looking forward to
a long and meaningful driving relationship with my old Audi.  I have had several cars over the
years and this is the first Euro but I have to say I am completely devoted to it now.


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