Question on the fuel pump relay.

Tigran Varosyan tigran at
Mon Dec 2 18:55:03 EST 2002

This is a continuation of a long, long thread but let me just ask a direct
question... I had my fuel pump relay break on me today and I do not think
its working anymore. I have jumpered the 2 big terminals and put that jumper
wire on a switch so that I can turn the fuel pump on and off with a switch
as needed. This is only a temporary fix till I get some other bugs worked

Question: Does the relay send variable voltage to the pump? Meaning, does it
sometimes open it up full bore (12V) and sometimes run it at a slower speed
(less than 12V) depending on engine demands?

If someone could answer that direct question that would be great.

Again the car is an 85 4000SQ (5Cyl, CIS-E)



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