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Duncan Thomson duncan at
Tue Dec 3 16:19:24 EST 2002

> Hi all - can't wait to get hands dirty rebuilding a 1990 Audi 90 (non
Q - sorry, could not locate
> one).

don't apologise, plenty of non quattro owners here on the list, and
based on your car, and desire to work on it, you'll fit right in...

> There is no way of knowing how much oil pressure I have - it guages
> from 1 to 5 ?!?!?!  What is this?  Does it have a PSI meaning?

This is in 'bar' or 'atmospheres', 1 atm = 14.7psi = 101.3kPa

> Mine pretty much stays put at
> maximum pressure until after a few miles and only usually while
waiting at a stoplight does it
> move into the 3-5 range.

sounds good to me...
warm idle is the only time it should drop significantly...

> Is this normal?  Will the collapse of the oil breather tube cause the
> pressure to increase?  I did not notice this until I Slick 50ed the
engine.  Now it seems the oil
> pressure is ?too high? - is it possible?

too low is all you need to watch out for... although full pressure at
warm idle would be unusual and may popint to some sort of problem...
if it stays hgh, then everythinig's staying well lubed, and you should
be able to relax...

> OK - well I have tons of questions but need to refrain for a first
post.  I am looking forward to
> a long and meaningful driving relationship with my old Audi.  I have
had several cars over the
> years and this is the first Euro but I have to say I am completely
devoted to it now.

excellent...! welcome to the list...!

'85 CQ

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