james accordino ssgacc at
Mon Dec 2 20:04:12 EST 2002

Oh!, you DID do a good whack, huh?  Any other problems
so far?  I just replaced everything that was bent,
broke or questionable.  I didn't even get an alignment
right away, cause I knew I was going to redo the
entire suspension, front and rear.  I did the string
trick.  Drove it; made corrections.  Worked well for
over 6 months.  No abnormal tire wear or steering

Good luck
Jim Accordino

--- Huw Powell <human747 at> wrote:
> It's funny, it has been a *really* long time since I
> had the privilege
> of coming to the list with a question...
> What's nice, is to see that it still works the same
> way... timely
> competent answers and help with parts issues.
> Cool :)
> --
> Huw Powell
> pix of wrecked strut, #'s 11-14 at url below:

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