Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Dec 3 00:39:40 EST 2002

> Oh!, you DID do a good whack, huh?  Any other problems
> so far?  I just replaced everything that was bent,
> broke or questionable.  I didn't even get an alignment
> right away, cause I knew I was going to redo the
> entire suspension, front and rear.  I did the string
> trick.  Drove it; made corrections.  Worked well for
> over 6 months.  No abnormal tire wear or steering
> hijinks.

Yes, basically everything in the line of fire is being swapped for good
used parts, a new bilstein should be at Atlantic tomorrow (!), and all I
have to decide is if I want to replace the strut bearing - its rubber
was all warped at first, but returned to normal, and feels quite fine to
the hand - amazing considering the forces that went through it... hmm,
maybe I will replace it...

I measured the old ball joint position and hope I got the new/used on in
the same place, but I suspect an alignment will be in order.  Hey, it's
been a while, so that doesn't bother me.  Maybe it's time to learn to
use the machine next door...

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