Sick 88 80Q

Ti Kan ti at
Mon Dec 2 21:55:48 EST 2002

Stacy Anable q writes:
> my friend got a new knock sensor, and it didn't help, we checked the ignition wires for arcing, and we couldn't see any, we swapped in some other wires, didn't help, swapped in a new coil, no change.
> Ti Kan suggested checking to see if it was getting power, we checked the fuses, and everything appears to be ok there, how else could we check for power to the unit?

You can look at the Bentley manual wiring diagram for you car
and see which pins on the ECU is supposed to have 12V.  I don't have
an 80/90 manual so I can't tell you.  Also, check the ECU connector to
make sure all contacts are clean and in good condition.

Maybe the ECU is bad.  If you can get a hold of a known working ECU and
swap it, that would be a good way to determine whether the ECU is at fault.
I recall that you mentioned that someone had replaced some parts in the
ECU and some stuff appears fried.  I would thus consider the whole ECU

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