Ceramic Coatings

R Mangas porter_dog at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 3 07:41:22 EST 2002

  That seems really expensive for that coating, which can be bought and used
OTC here:


   I used this on the manifold and downpipe of my turbo Miata; didn't do it
right (put on too thin, maybe?) so it flaked off; the second try (heavier
coat) on the lower half of the dp is holding up better.  There is probably a
benefit to getting professional application, but the major preparatory step
I'd expect from the pro would be dunking my part in thier ex$pensive
vibratory polisher.  How much more is it going to cost to polish the inside
of your header as well as the outside? :) (Hint: zero in my mind...)

  To be fair, I could be wrong about the pro coating vs the OTC stuff, but
if you check out the site you'll see the only obvious difference is the
carrier fluid.

If you want to wait a couple months, I'm going to redo the Miata manifold :)


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>Subject: Ceramic Coatings
>Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 13:57:26 -0800 (PST)
>--- JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
> > Generally, an inside coating helps keep the heat out
> > of the conducting material (header, etc), an
> > additional outside coating will keep any conducted
> > heat out of the engine compartment, generally, you
> > want to do both, but it depends on what you're
> > trying to accomplish.
> >
> > Currently my header has no coatings, I wanted to
> > test it sufficiently before doing anything like
> > that, but next time it comes off its getting coated
> > inside and out.  I like micro coat, there is a link
> > on 80tq.com to them.
>Hey man, that link may be bad.  I tried to get ahold
>of them, but no luck.  I'd like to spend ~$200 on
>coatings.  The local guy can do the 2000 degree Black
>Satin on the outside of the header and hot side of
>turbo for ~$225.  He said another $190 to do the
>inside with a different coating.  How do these prices
>sound?  Should I keep trying Micro Coat?  Those prices
>seem a little high for just sand blasting, spraying
>and baking.
>Jim Green
>'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5
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