re. Question on the fuel pump relay.

Ben Swann bswann at
Tue Dec 3 09:46:06 EST 2002

[This is a continuation of a long, long thread but let me just ask a direct
question... I had my fuel pump relay break on me today and I do not think
its working anymore. I have jumpered the 2 big terminals and put that
jumper wire on a switch so that I can turn the fuel pump on and off with a
switch as needed. This is only a temporary fix till I get some other bugs
worked out.

**** That should work fine for a temporary fix.

Question: Does the relay send variable voltage to the pump? Meaning, does
it sometimes open it up full bore (12V) and sometimes run it at a slower
speed (less than 12V) depending on engine demands?

**** No - the fuel pump relay enables a continuous current to the pump.
 The primary ignition side pulses the relay when the engine is running, and
the relay circuitry causes the high current switch inside to remain closed
as long as the engine is running.

If someone could answer that direct question that would be great.

Again the car is an 85 4000SQ (5Cyl, CIS-E)



Hope you are making progress - we expect a status report by days end ;-}


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