thanks for Bosch sensor connector info

auditude at auditude at
Tue Dec 3 13:56:31 EST 2002

Hey all,

Thanks for the responses to my question regarding the retangular connectors for various underhood items, like the cold start valve, thermo time switch, etc.

I ended up using a cold start valve connector to replace the thermo time switch one that was pulled off the wiring harness that I replaced a partially fried one with.

This is on my '86 Coupe GT that I bought with a missing "spare" computer fuse and some wiring issues that I believe are now fixed.  It turns out that packratting all the unboltable parts from my prior wrecked '86 Coupe GT actually paid off in this instance, as I was able to replace the damaged harness with one I had in stock.

I also found a local supplier for those connector ends, marketed as an efi injector connector.  They carry two types with indexing features, the one of which with the feature in the center seemed like it would fit many of the places underhood.  They are just under $10 and available at, who have walk-in stores in my area.

My next project on the Coupe GT is to put in a 272 Blausport cam and some different lifters.  I have ruled out the vacuum pump as the tapping, and it sounds to me more like a lifter or two than the exhaust manifold.  If it still ticks afer that, then I will work toward putting the EM from the 4ksq in it, after I pull that motor to put in an MC-1.



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