Tyre wear why?

e2e sam at edgetoedge.co.nz
Wed Dec 4 07:56:57 EST 2002

1990 200tqa
Hi gang, ok so my front tyres wear on the inside edge a band maybe a cm
wide. Both fronts wear the same. I have had this car aligned a few times by
a few different people none of which has made any difference.
The car handles fine (yellow konis all round) if I take my hands off the
wheel it tracks dead straight, under braking dead straight.
The wear line is smooth (not feathered over which would point me toward toe
out) so that leaves camber as prime suspect. If it is camber is the wear
occurring on the inside edge of the inside tyre in cornering. I cant
remember what the camber setting is but it doesn't look excessive what
should my set-up be.
Does anyone else have pearls of wisdom????
Sam Clarkson

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