Semperit Sport Grip report

Thompson carreragt at
Tue Dec 3 14:35:20 EST 2002

s-gruppe -

Last month I stepped down from my annual Hakki purchase and picked up some
of the new Semperit Sport Grips to try on the S4. 205/55-16 size on ATS type
10 7.5x16 rims wrapped over my 993 big reds. Tread is similar to Nokian NRWs
but with a very open center section. My wife commutes back and forth to
Burlington, VT and is always on clean plowed interstate 89. Sometimes it is
snowy, but mostly clean. I thought that this would be a good compromise
for her. My commute is another story.

For the last few days it's snowed like mad AND been cold - this morning it
was 9 deg. My commute to work consists of a 12 mile one way mountain drive
from Milton to Westford, Vermont - narrow twistys. The road is a rallye
drive period. When it's snowing out, it's a rallye cross! Up at the summit
in the esses, town 'o Westford boys are busy plowing the dirt roads first
and leave the tarmac for last - if that. 2-4" of fluff this morning with
loads of ice. Most days in the winter I drive my type44 (urq is nestled in
der garage w/Carrera) and took the S4 out for a drive. WOW! For a
non-studded, extreme winter spec tire, I'm impressed with their performance
in all conditions. For the price, these Sport Grips are awesome @ $67ea!
They are NOT Hakki 1s with eco studs, but very good. They look almost
identical to Nokian NRWs, except for the reversed open center section. Made
in Portugal (of all places) and not Germany like I was expecting, they even
come equipped with "" on the side. Plenty of siped treads
and grip. I give them my thumbs up.


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