Tires, ice and quattro (long)

R Mangas porter_dog at
Tue Dec 3 14:42:21 EST 2002

  I happen to be lucky enough to own 2 4kq's, an 86, which is my winter
beater and is shod with good blizzaks, and an '87, which is an ebay special
and runs all-season Sumitomos.  I live in detroit, so we got the same snow
yesterday.  It really was a riot driving the cars back to back- the
blizzak'd one was just unstoppable, and I won 10 out of 10 stoplight drags.
Airlockers rule!  The '87 was certainly still good, but the difference
between them was amazing.  Another vote for dedicated snows.


>From: B Vibert <blur at>
>To: "Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt at>,Quattro
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>Subject: Re: Tires, ice and quattro (long)
>Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 10:59:08 -0500
>"Doyt W. Echelberger" wrote:
> > The other part of the problem is that 90% of the time I have ice-free
> > roads. The Alpins have been a good compromise for 3 years. They may even
> > up to going 4. I think I'll consider the Kumho's when I replace them,
> > half the price. But this 'q' is gonna have dedicated ice tires.
> >
>Hi Doyt
>The 90% ice-free roads is why I bought Goodyear Eagle UG2 tires.  They
>work when the weather is nasty but also aren't too bad when it's dry.
>They are H-rated and actually handle fairly well, unlike most other
>dedicated winter tires.  May be worth a look.
>Burl Vibert
>1987 5kcstq
>Kingston, Ontario

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