Tyre wear why?

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Tue Dec 3 14:45:54 EST 2002

   Toe is more likely to cause screwy wear than camber, unless the camber is
so out of whack that you can see it.  I had a Talon once that was similar,
and the conclusion I finally came to was that there was uncontrolled motion
somewhere that lead to bad _dynamic_ alignment.  Are your bushings and
balljoints solid?  What about tie rod ends?  A bent tie-rod might mess up
your Ackermann, so you'd (maybe?) get weird wear when cornering...

>From: e2e <sam at edgetoedge.co.nz>
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>Subject: Tyre wear why?
>Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 07:56:57 +1300
>1990 200tqa
>Hi gang, ok so my front tyres wear on the inside edge a band maybe a cm
>wide. Both fronts wear the same. I have had this car aligned a few times by
>a few different people none of which has made any difference.
>The car handles fine (yellow konis all round) if I take my hands off the
>wheel it tracks dead straight, under braking dead straight.
>The wear line is smooth (not feathered over which would point me toward toe
>out) so that leaves camber as prime suspect. If it is camber is the wear
>occurring on the inside edge of the inside tyre in cornering. I cant
>remember what the camber setting is but it doesn't look excessive what
>should my set-up be.
>Does anyone else have pearls of wisdom????
>Sam Clarkson

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