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Robert Deis rdeis at io.com
Tue Dec 3 15:33:28 EST 2002

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, DocWyte wrote:
> Two criteria are reliable and cheap.  Not sure if the
> Type 44 can fit those.

Cheap to purchase, not to maintain- especially if you farm out the work.

Failures tend to be in nonessential systems, which means the car is
reliable in A-B transport, but can become very annoying as electrical bits
wear out and cease to function.

I've had my 86 5000 TW avant for 2 years now, purchased for $2500 and put
another 3k into timing belt and related work, cracked downpipe, and new
sport suspension. (bushings, springs, koni yellow)

My list of failures in the time I've had the car:
* Inop sunroof
* Driver's side rear door window
* Driver's door latch (won't open)
* Power locks (non power still works fine)
* frozen e-brake cable
* leak between brake fluid resevoir and master cylinder ($2 grommets)
* Factory speaker wiring comes and goes
* Passenger front door window switch
* Afterrun coolant pump
* Alternator
* Column switch (hazard lights inop)
* Column switch (headlight lever broken, but operable)

Only the alternator took the car down, everything else is no more than an

My car does continue to need help- tuneup, small hydraulic leaks, etc, and
I watch it fairly closely so I more often do preventative maintainance
before something becomes a real failure.

I'm told that the weakest mechanical link is the hydraulics, but that
changing the pentosin (exepensive fluid) every couple of years should keep
the steering rack and pump in order.

I bought the car becasue it was AWD, turbocharged, handles well, and is
big enough for the family (3 kids) + luggage. It meets my requirements
perfectly and the time I spend in maintainance is OK for us.

The car as is is a bit short on power, but that's easy to fix with a few

As to junkyards: I wouldn't get one from any of my local junkyards, though
I frequent them for parts. I'm told that you *really* don't want one
that's been in an accident.  Also- the 5000Turbo and 200 automatic
transmissions have an extremely poor reputation which seems related to the
extra power of the turbo motor. Non turbo models did better. Don't know
how that relates to the 92+ 100s.

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